Personal Support Workers

Queen Staffing connects compassionate support workers with employers, providing essential non-medical assistance, nurturing and making a positive impact on individuals in need.

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Our Personal Support Workers (PSWs) undergo comprehensive training programs, ensuring they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care to individuals in need. We prioritize continuous education and professional development to enhance their expertise in healthcare and caregiving

Communication Skills

Communication skills are a cornerstone of a PSW's role. They effectively listen, empathize, and communicate with individuals, their families, and healthcare professionals. They provide clear instructions, offer emotional support, and establish strong rapport, ensuring effective collaboration and a positive care experience.


PSWs are committed to delivering efficient and effective care. They prioritize the well-being and safety of individuals, efficiently managing their tasks, and demonstrating competency in their responsibilities. Their goal is to provide optimal care while maintaining dignity, respect, and privacy.


Adaptability is a key trait of PSWs as they navigate diverse care settings and individual needs. They readily adjust their approach, routines, and care plans to accommodate changing circumstances, demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness to meet the evolving requirements of those they support.

Affordable Rates

At our staffing agency, we offer PSWs at flexible and competitive prices. We strive to make quality care accessible, ensuring individuals receive the support they need at affordable rates. Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate varying budgets without compromising the caliber of care provided by our dedicated PSWs.

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